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Targeted Segments


Reward your in-store shoppers through our Targeted Segments feature!

As an organization, you’ll be able to target specific user types by creating segments, excluding segments, and adding multipliers to tailor the giving experience for your shoppers!   

  • Example: If you have a customer segment you want to incentivize with increased giving options you can now build with drag and drop ease! (Ex. As [store], we will donate twice as much if you join our insiders program).
  • Access to Targeted Segments
      • This feature is available to our Impact Pro customers. Learn more about our billing here.

We’re excited to help you expand your giving strategy as your business grows and support you along the way. 

How to Activate & Create New Segments

In order to successfully launch Targeted Segments we’ve broken out the tasks and steps you need to take in order to succeed: 

  1. Activating “Targeted Segments”
      • Login to the Impact Portal
      • Navigate to left panel > Targeted Segments
      • In the section, you’ll either see the campaign ON - or - be prompted to upgrade to “request access.”  Learn more about our billing here.
  2. Building Your Segments
      • Navigate to Targeted Segments > + New Segment
      • Name your segment and describe it under Segment Detail (Segment Title, Segment Description..)
      • Manage how we identify groups in the front-end. Define the source that we should inspect and the property to read by selecting an option under Source.
      • Define the front-end property that we should retrieve under Front-end Property. 
      • Define the property name that will be added to the UserExtensions object in your API call to create the sale. Back-end Property will be used to identify your segment.
      • Specify the Value (any, specific, none) that targets the group of customers for your segment.
      • Choose to exclude the segment from all donations or set a multiplier (incentive) for the specific segment. 
      • Click Create Segment to save.
      • For more help visit our article on Building a Segment
  3. Tell Everyone About It! 
      • Showcase the benefits and rewards your customers can access with their “insider” purchase. Not only will this encourage shoppers to purchase during their visit, but it will incentivize them for signing up for your programs! 


Additional Info

  • Q: What is the value of Targeted Segments?
    A: It offers a personalized, incentivized approach to take your giving campaign to the next level. It is easy to adopt and can be a core offering to your shopper rewards or incentive programs! 
  • Q: Can I target multiple segments at a given time?
    A: Absolutely! We allow you to have an infinite amount of targeted segments. You are able to drag and drop segments in order of importance on the landing screen by clicking on Targeted Segments. Set rules to exclude from giving or allow extra perks to a specific group within your audience with just a few clicks. 
  • Q: How do I reorder my segments?
    A: Navigate to Targeted Segments > the default page of all your segments. Click and hold down the As you hold down, drag it to the spot you want it placed in priority order. 
  • Q: Are segments that are higher on my list the ones that take priority?
    A: Yes! 
  • Q: What are UserExtension objects?
    A: A UserExtension is an object that we establish with our clients to be able to provide to us when we create an API connection with them. 
  • Q: Do I need a developer to get started?
    A: We recommend reviewing the info shared above in the segment builder and accessing how comfortable your level is to get started. If you need any assistance, our team is happy to help with this custom implementation!
  • Q: What if I do not have access, but I want access?
    A: Our accounts team is happy to help! You can also learn more about our billing here.