This article will help you understand the basics of our billing, which makes up invoices, and an overview of fees.

Invoice Definitions

An invoice is made up of multiple possible line items. They are listed below: 

  • Donations: Created when a customer selects a nonprofit within their shopping journey. This entire amount will be given to the nonprofit organization that your customer has selected. All merchants are responsible for paying all generated donations.
  • Transaction Fees: This is the amount that ShoppingGives charges for licensing the technology, processing transaction information, and managing the donation process.
  • Credit Card Processing Fee: This is only applicable when paying invoices by credit card. To avoid this fee, you can switch your payment preference to ACH in the settings manager.
  • Credits to Account: This is only applicable if any orders from previously paid invoices are canceled or returned.
Note: All accrued charges from donations and transaction fees are processed through Stripe. If less than $1 is processed in donations, the minimum amount of $1 will be invoiced.


Impact Starter

Our base-level Impact Starter plan costs $29 per month — upon installation of the ShoppingGives app, new merchants are provided with a 7-day free trial OR their first 20 orders with donations fee-free, whichever comes first. After either your first 7 days or first 20 orders with donations, you will receive your first monthly Impact Starter invoice, charged to the default payment method entered upon initial setup.

In addition to the monthly plan fee, transaction fees will also apply depending on the giving campaigns being utilized on-site:

  • When using the Store Donation on Purchase campaign, a 0.5% transaction fee on all orders containing donations will be charged after the trial period has elapsed. If an order does not generate a donation, then no charges will be created.
    • For example:
      • If a retailer is donating 2%, an order of $100 will generate a donation of $2 and the transaction fee would be 50¢. This means that the amount owed by the retailer to ShoppingGives would be $2.50. If you donated 5% on a $100 order, the donation is $5 however the transaction fee remains 50¢ as the half-percent fee is charged on the order subtotal (pre-tax, pre-shipping, post-discount)
  • When using the Customer Round-Up campaign, the retailer is still responsible for paying the donation amount but no additional transaction fee will be applied.
    • For a customer, this donation is represented as a "Round Up Donation" product line item on their order receipt.
    • Within the "Reporting" section of the ShoppingGives portal, these will be reflected within the "Customer Donations" tab.
  • When using the Customer Add-On campaign, a 5% fee on the Add-On donation amount itself will be incurred after your trial period has elapsed.
    • For a customer, this donation is represented as an "Add On Donation" product line item on their order receipt.
    • Within the "Reporting" section of the ShoppingGives portal, these will be reflected within the "Customer Donations" tab.

    • For example:
      • A $100 order with a $5 add-on donation would result in only an add-on donation fee of $0.25. There would be no Store Donation fees

      • A $100 order with a $5 add-on donation AND a store donation, would result in an add-on donation fee of $0.25 + a store donation fee of $0.50. The total transaction fee on this order is $0.75

Donation invoices are generated every 30 days or once a merchant has generated $50 in donations (in this case, an invoice would be generated at the end of the calendar day in which the $50 threshold was reached)

You can potentially save on transaction fees by opting into a partner plan which locks in your transaction fees annually, in addition to your pledged donations on orders. 


Impact Plus, Partner & Pro

Donation invoicing for partners on the Impact Plus, Partner, and Pro plans will occur quarterly after the lock period as stated in the Retailer Technology Agreement for the account on file.

Pricing for Impact Plus, Partner & Pro plans

Payment Options

All generated donations and plan/transaction fees will be charged to the payment method on file.

You are able to utilize either a bank account to pay via ACH or a credit card.
When utilizing a credit card as the default payment method, merchants are still responsible for paying the full donation amounts generated + transaction fees, as well as an additional 2.9% + 30¢ credit card processing fee. Similar to paying with an ACH, if an order does not generate a donation, then no charges will occur.

Example: If a retailer has total donations of $48.50 and $2.00 in transaction fees at the time of invoicing, 2.9% would be calculated from the overall amount plus the additional 30¢. The total that the retailer would now owe is $52.26.