Show/Hide Donation Widget for Yotpo Integration

This article covers how to turn off the donation widget if you wish to disable the donation feature of the integration. By default, the donation widget is active and donations will be created from purchases.


1) Click Integrations under Manager

2) Under available integrations, find YOTPO Loyalty and click Configure

3) Under Yotpo Campaigns, click Advanced Setting 

  • By default, the Donations on purchase option is turned on and your customers can donate to their favorite causes.

4) Uncheck the Donations on purchase option to hide the donation widget


If you turn off donations on purchases, you will be charged for any outstanding donations on our regular donation schedule. We invoice for donations either every 30 days or once you reach $50 in donations, whichever comes first. You can read more about our billing and invoicing here


If you have any questions or need further help with showing or hiding the donation widget for the Yotpo integration, please contact