Setting Favorites

This will cover how you can set a favorite cause, and what this means during your shopping experiences.


As a shopper, you have the ability to set a favorite cause and make sure you’re always supporting the ones you care about most. By setting a favorite cause, anytime that you are shopping with one of our impact partners (whether you know it or not), your selected cause of choice will be preloaded and ready to make an impact!

How It Works

  1. To set a favorite cause, you’ll first visit and login to your account
    (If you do not already have an account created, follow this guide to create an account!)
  2. Once you are logged in to your Shopper’s account, you will be brought to your Profile & Settings page - here, click "Select a Cause":

  3. Locate your favorite nonprofit within our database by using the search bar, then choose the nonprofit that you wish to select from the results:

  4. Click “Confirm Selection”: