ShoppingGives Account Basics

This is a general overview of your ShoppingGives account to help you get started.


Whether you are a shopper, retailer, or a nonprofit, with a ShoppingGives account you will be able to track your individual impact easily and seamlessly. While Shoppers can track their donations with our impact partners, retailers can see which nonprofits their customers are choosing to support and can measure their donation metrics against their baseline. In addition, nonprofits can see which retailers are giving back and making a difference for their organization. By connecting shoppers, retailers, and nonprofits together, we believe that we can empower change and create impact, one purchase at a time.


With a ShoppingGives Shoppers account, you have access to see all of your generated donations so that you can track your impact across all of our impact partners. Through your account, you can even stay up-to-date with ShoppingGives and learn how to find new stores that will give back on your behalf. If you have a specific nonprofit that you support, you also have the ability to set that nonprofit as a favorite cause and support that nonprofit with your purchase, as long as the ShoppingGives merchant enables their shoppers to select a cause of their choice to support on purchases! You can learn more about setting a favorite cause here

How to Create an Account

  1. Visit our website and click Login in the menu bar on the homepage

  2. Select Access Shopper's Portal from the Shoppers section seen below:

  3. Either sign up through Facebook, Google or create an account manually with your email address:


As a retail partner of ShoppingGives, you have the ability to track your donation metrics in the backend of the ShoppingGives app. This includes donation AOV, activation rate, and top nonprofits that your customers choose to support. This allows you to measure your donation metrics with your average daily metrics and compare how orders with donations stack up against orders without. 

  1. Visit our website and click Login in the menu bar on the homepage

  2. Select Access Brand's Portal from the Business section seen below:



As a nonprofit, you have the ability to manage your organization’s details and choose how to best receive grants from ShoppingGives on a consistent basis. To learn more, request access to our nonprofit resources.

How to Request Access

  1. Visit
  2. Near the bottom of the page, submit your email address using the provided form for access to additional resources: