Impact Marketing with Shopify Order Tags

Integrating Shopify Order Tags with ShoppingGives

The moment you activate giving with ShoppingGives on your Shopify store, we will create order tags for any order that generates a donation - no setup required!

However, which order tags your orders get is a different question. 


Once you've activated giving, your Shopify orders will be enriched with this data point if the order generated any kind of donation:

  • SG-Donor

As your shoppers select causes in the ShoppingGives widget, additional data points will become available:

  • SG-{cause name}
    • This can be a single cause name or a portfolio name
  • SG-{EINS}
    • EIN is the unique identified or the cause or portfolio that was supported on the order

If you've chosen to opt for the Donate to causes you set giving experience, your orders will not receive the SG-{cause name} and SG-{EINS} orders tags but will still receive order tags to indicate to you that the order generated a donation to the default cause you have set in your ShoppingGives Impact Portal:

  • SG-DefaultCause


Tracking Klaviyo Impact Marketing with Shopify Order Tags

Moreover, if you are using our Klaviyo Integration, you'll have access to one additional order tag.


To differentiate your impact marketing conversions from your other email marketing conversions within Shopify. add a custom UTM of utm_content = [SG] to any impact marketing Klaviyo campaigns so that we can properly tag your Shopify orders as such!


Any Shopify order that comes from a Klaviyo campaign AND has the utm_content=[SG] custom UTM param, will receive an SG-ImpactMarketing order tag in Shopify: