Getting Started: Connect Klaviyo to ShoppingGives

Target customers with email marketing experiences that are personalized to reflect their past giving behavior.

About Klaviyo

Klaviyo empowers brands to own their marketing while delivering amazing customer experiences across email and other owned channels. 

Integrating ShoppingGives and Klaviyo

You can now integrate ShoppingGives with Klaviyo so that your consumers' Klaviyo profiles are enriched with data that reflects their individual giving behavior. You can use that data to personalize emails and segment flows with causes you know that each individual consumer supports. Or, you can use past-giving behavior to create consumer segments.

Once integrated, your Klaviyo customer profiles will be enriched with these data points as your customers select causes in the ShoppingGives onsite widget:

  • SG Selected Cause
  • SG Selected Cause Categories
  • SG Selected Cause Link


Before you get started:

  • This integration requires ShoppingGives' Impact Plus plan or higher. Please contact if you are not on one of these plans.
  • Make sure that you have an account with Klaviyo. You will need to supply an API Key from your Klaviyo account. Instructions are below.
  • Once integrated, ShoppingGives can only update Klaviyo customer profile properties if the customer visits your website through a Klaviyo Email Marketing campaign AND if your giving experience is letting your customers choose a cause

To integrate ShoppingGives and Klaviyo:

  1. Log in to your ShoppingGives Impact Portal.
  2. Click Settings -> Integrations (or navigate your browser to
  3. Click "Add integration" on the Klaviyo tile. If you are prompted to upgrade your plan, either proceed to the linked contact form or contact to proceed.
  4. To acquire an API key, proceed to the API key management page in your Klaviyo account (or navigate your browser to
  5. Create a Private API Key with Full Access. Name it "ShoppingGives" and copy the "Private API Key" secret value, as demonstrated in the GIF below.
  6. Paste the Private API key secret value into the API Key field in the ShoppingGives Impact Portal and click "Authenticate". If there is an issue with your API key, you'll be asked to try pasting it in again. Please verify that the key is accurately copied and pasted. 

If you see this page, you're connected!

As your customers come to your website through your Klaviyo email marketing campaign and select causes within the ShoppingGives widget on your online store, you'll see their Klaviyo profile properties update instantaneously!

Your customer's Klaviyo customer profile properties will still update when your giving experience is set to Let your customer choose even if you have a default cause set.

Impact Marketing Best Practices with Klaviyo

Tracking Klaviyo Impact Marketing with Shopify Order Tags

To differentiate your impact marketing conversions from your other email marketing conversions within Shopify. add a custom UTM of utm_content = [SG] to any impact marketing campaigns so that we can properly tag your Shopify orders as such!

Any Shopify order that comes from a Klaviyo campaign AND has the utm_content=[SG] custom UTM param, will receive an SG-ImpactMarketing order tag in Shopify:


When will Klaviyo customer profile properties update?

  • Whenever your customer visits your site through a Klaviyo email marketing campaign and updates their cause preference in the ShoppingGives widget, their Klaviyo profile properties will updated instantaneously. 

    This enables you to capture your customer's cause preference even if they do not place an order so you can reach out to them and encourage them to complete their purchase and do good at the same time!