Excluding Nonprofit Categories from Search for Your Store

How to Use the Category Exclusion Manager

Note: This feature is only available on our Impact Plus and above plans, or if you have purchased the customer cause search feature a la carte

As a store owner, you have control of which causes you’d like to distance yourself from. To do this, you can visit the Exclude Nonprofits section of our Cause Manager in the ShoppingGives app.

Excluding a category will exclude all the nonprofits that are associated with the selected category. To exclude categories of nonprofits, navigate to your Cause Manager by clicking on the Manager drop-down button, then selecting Causes. From there, navigate to the Exclude Nonprofit Categories tab. 

You can then use the Exclude button to begin excluding the nonprofit categories you would like to remove. Categories will not be excluded until you click save.

You can also see the list of all the causes/nonprofits that are included in each category or subcategory by clicking the eye icon.

You can also exclude nonprofits with our Exclude Nonprofit manager. To learn about that visit the Exclude Nonprofit knowledge base.