Why is the number of Orders With Donations different from the number of orders outlined in my Donation Activation Rate reporting?

Within the ShoppingGives app dashboard you have access to view data for the number of orders that you’ve had with donations as well as your store’s donation activation rate. The Orders with Donations section of the dashboard will tell you how many orders you have had with donations in total during a specific period of time. Please note that this is not your total number of orders, as this section only pulls in data based on orders that had donations associated with them.

The Donation Activation Rate section of the dashboard will tell you what your donation activation rate is, or how often your customers are opting-in to create a donation on their purchase. This will also show you how many orders your donation activation rate is based on. The Donation Activation Rate is defined as the percentage of orders with donations out of total eligible orders made during the given time period. We define an “eligible order” as any orders that were made while your giving program was active, as this means your customer had the opportunity to opt-in to a donation or not.

The number of purchases shown within your Donation Activation Rate section of the dashboard may not match up with the number of orders included in the Orders with Donations section of the dashboard— this is okay! The reason for this discrepancy is that the Orders With Donations value excludes purchases that have been refunded, while the Donation Activation Rate includes refunded purchases, as those orders were activated by a donation.