What is Reward Points for Donation?


Reward Points for Donations is a feature through Yotpo that Shopify retailers can utilize to allow their customers to earn Yotpo loyalty points for creating donations on purchases. Shoppers then have the option to redeem the points that they earn into donations to create an even bigger impact. Please note that shoppers do not have to redeem their points for donations, but is an option with the Yotpo integration. 

How It Works

When a customer creates a donation on a purchase, they will earn points for that purchase.

How to set up Reward Points for Donations

  • Go to Yotpo settings
  • Under Programs, click Earning Points 
    • Select Points for Donations 

  • Customize how many points will be rewarded per each dollar that is donated

  • Once the setup is completed, Reward Points for Donations becomes active

2) As they accumulate points, the customer has the option to redeem those points for an additional donation on future purchases.


3) Once a customer decides to redeem their points for a donation, they will confirm the points that they wish to redeem in addition to the nonprofit/cause that the donation will benefit.


Q: My customer made a donation but points weren't rewarded.

A: With the ShoppingGives x Yotpo integration, customers have the ability to earn Yotpo loyalty points when they place a purchase that generates a donation. In order for points to be awarded, the donation amount generated from your customer’s purchase must meet a $1 threshold. Any purchases that generate a donation less than $1 will not award Yotpo loyalty points to your customer.