What is required by my brand to be compliant with Cause Marketing regulation?

ShoppingGives’ turnkey donation platform supports businesses of any size, enabling you to easily and legally support any 501(c)(3) registered public charity in good standing with the IRS, all through a system that is fully managed and distributed for you. Our goal is to be the simple solution for eCommerce and Direct-to-Consumer brands to seamlessly give back. We hope to make it easy for brands to understand the requirements that are necessary to both protect consumers and brands to ensure they run a transparent and responsible campaign when donating a portion of sales to nonprofits.

ShoppingGives complies with state Commercial Co-Venture Agreements “CCV” laws for charitable sales campaigns that are conducted using our platform so brands can donate to any 501(c)(3) charity in good standing with the IRS without worrying about CCV compliance. Commercial Co-Venture is a requirement for brands donating on behalf of their customers. Many states require that companies register as CCV — as we are the entity managing the donations for your brand, we have already done so.

Donations are directly received by the ShoppingGives Foundation (EIN 83-1352270), a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity. Our technology captures the designated nonprofit beneficiaries selected by your company or your customers, and the ShoppingGives Foundation distributes grants to the designated beneficiaries. This makes it simple for your team to manage one donation receipt for all of the charitable programs and campaigns you run throughout the year.

See here for more information on how we manage regulation. If you have any additional questions about our cause marketing law compliance, please contact us at support@shoppinggives.com.