What is a Verified Nonprofit and how are they selected?

A ShoppingGives "Verified" Nonprofit is a distinguished nonprofit organization that we feature on our Social Impact Stack for merchants to support at any level. These impactful nonprofits have been carefully selected, ensuring that they represent a diverse range of cause areas and organizational sizes.

To qualify as a Verified Nonprofit, an organization must meet the following criteria:
  1. Complete enrollment to the Clearity Impact Network by ShoppingGives
  2. Hold a rating of 3 stars or higher on Charity Navigator, reflecting a high level of financial accountability and transparency.
  3. Be eligible to receive grants from ShoppingGives through either the PayPal Giving Fund or Stripe.
  4. Have a history of being supported by our platform, indicating a strong alignment with our partners’ values and mission.
In addition to the above, Verified Nonprofits serve as the exclusive set of nonprofits that can be  selected by our "Impact Starter" Level merchant partners. While our platform boasts a comprehensive database of over 1.8 million 501(c)(3) organizations, Impact Starter merchants may only choose to support one of our carefully curated Verified Nonprofits.

If an Impact Starter merchant wishes to support a nonprofit outside of the Verified selection, they can upgrade to access to our extensive database of 501(c)(3) organizations, allowing them to choose from a broader range of causes that align with their specific values and objectives. This way, we provide flexibility and customization for merchants seeking to make a meaningful difference through their partnership with ShoppingGives.

By featuring Verified Nonprofits, ShoppingGives aims to create a meaningful impact across a wide array of causes, while providing merchants with an array of trustworthy and impactful organizations to support through our platform.