Updating your Payment Method

This article covers how to update the payment method on file through the ShoppingGives donation app — all donation invoices + technology fees will be charged to the default payment method on file, so be sure to follow the guide below if any changes need to be made!

How to Update the Payment Method on File with ShoppingGives

Step by Step

1. To update your payment method, navigate to the ShoppingGives Impact Portal, then head to the Global Settings page from the left-side menu:

2. Once on the Global Settings page, scroll down until you see the Manage Subscription section seen below — select Manage Plan to update the payment method on file:

3. This will bring you to your Plan Overview, where you'll be able to see each plan/feature you are presently subscribed to — you will not be able to delete a payment method if it is the only method on file, thus to replace the payment method, you'll want to first select Add payment method as seen below to enter the updated payment information...

  • To pay invoices by bank account, select US bank account as seen below which will allow you to search for your financial institution in order to link the ACH account with ShoppingGives

    • In order to use an ACH account as your form of payment within the ShoppingGives donation app, you must have a U.S. bank account. If you do not have a U.S. bank account, please select credit card payment as your preference.

  • To pay invoices by credit card, select Card and enter the required information

    • A credit card processing fee will be added to invoices if you choose to use a credit card. There are no additional processing fees if you pay invoices by ACH, unless your invoice total falls below the $1 threshold, in which case you will be charged an ACH fee to bring your invoice total up to the $1 threshold needed to bill you.

4. Once you've added the new payment method, it will automatically be marked as your default payment method as seen below — to delete the outdated payment method, simply click on the "..." next to the outdated payment method, then select Delete:

Questions about the above? We invite you to reach out via email to support@shoppinggives.com — we're here to help!