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Updating Store Settings


Within your Store Settings, you have the ability to update and manage settings such as your donation preferences (percentage versus a flat dollar amount), desired donation confirmation method, donation status (active versus inactive), and other general settings related to your store.

How it Works

  1. Open the Impact Portal.
  2. Navigate to Settings from the lower left-hand corner.
  3. Select Store Settings.

Store Settings

Under the Store Settings section, you have access to edit your Store Name, Website URL, Contact Email, and active and deactivate donations for your store. When you toggle over the Activate Store button, this will activate donations and prepare your brand to begin giving once you turn on your desired giving campaigns. 


Donation Confirmation

Under the Donation Confirmation section, you will have access to select which method you would like to utilize for your donation confirmation. The donation confirmation is a feature that notifies customers that their donation was successfully generated after making a purchase and serves as a way for customers to see how much was donated and where their donation will be allocated. 

The Donation Confirmation is important because it gives customers the confidence in knowing that their purchase has made an impact, and they are even given the opportunity to track their donations by easily creating an account with ShoppingGives. This means that you must have at least one of the donation confirmation options enabled at all times.

As the retailer, you have two options for how you would prefer the donation confirmation to be displayed to customers.

You can either choose:  

  • Donation Confirmation Window or
  • Donation Confirmation Email 

Donation Confirmation Window

From the donation confirmation window, the customer has the option to share their contribution on Facebook and/or Twitter, with the option for the customer to write a message to garner support from their community. They will also learn they can track their donations on ShoppingGives by creating an account.

The window will show the total donation amount that their purchase generated, from store donations and customer donations, your store name, and what cause or nonprofit the store donation will support.

When using Product-Level Cause Donations, the window will show the overall store donation amount that the purchase generated, your store name, the causes/nonprofits that the store donation will support, and the donation amount per each cause.

Donation Confirmation Email

You can also choose to use the donation confirmation email to let your customers know that a donation has been successfully generated after their purchase. Similar to the donation confirmation window, your customers will be able to see the total donation amount, which causes or nonprofits the donation will support, and the donation amount generated for each individual cause. Your customers are then able to track their donations by creating an account with ShoppingGives if they wish.

Customize Store Donation

Under the Customize Store Donation section, you will be able to set your desired donation preference to either donate a percentage of the overall order subtotal based on eligible products, or a flat dollar amount per purchase. You can also update your desired global donation amount here as well.