Testing the Integration

1. Prior to testing, turn off any ad blockers or tracking blockers (e.g. Ghostery) in your browser.

2. Ensure  “_SGTRACKINGID” is not displaying on product pages. If you see “_SGTRACKINGID” followed by a string of characters,  this means that your theme is not hiding product attributes that start with an underscore as

3. Running a test purchase – Expected outcome:

  • Make a Test Purchase: Take note of the donation amount listed and cause supported before checkout.
  • Post-conversion: After a successful conversion the customer will be shown the post-conversion share modal. Use this modal to verify the correct donation amount and cause are displayed.

  • Data on the dashboard: The purchase should also be displayed in your dashboard. (Note: Shopify does not count today in the present date range.)

  • Data on reporting: You will also see a donation created on the donations report page with the order id. Check that the donation and nonprofit chosen is displayed correctly.

    • Note: Portfolio donations are split into individual Nonprofits and the donation amount split evenly. Orders with Portfolios selected to receive a donation will all share the same order number.

4. Check for z-index, global typeface, padding settings to ensure that the widget is displayed optimally.