Supporting a Nonprofit with a URL Parameter

Support any nonprofit by simply appending an EIN to any URL on your domain - this feature makes activating cause marketing campaigns quick and simple!

Best Uses

  • Activate personalized outreach in an email campaign.

  • Create custom marketing campaigns supporting specific causes without adjusting your existing featured or default cause.

  • Share specific links with nonprofit partners to promote your partnership and have their organization supported by default when their supporters shop your store. 

  • Enable Social Influencer partners to support a nonprofit they care about when promoting your brand.


How it Works

You will need to ensure that you have our "Let Your Customer Choose" giving experience enabled, as can be set from in the portal within the "Global Settings" section.

  1. Select any URL to your store. This can simply be your homepage, a product page, a marketing landing page, or any other page on your domain. 
  3. For most URLs simply append “?sgcause={EIN}” to the end of the URL (do not include the quotations or brackets)
    • If the URL already has a “?” within it then use “&sgcause={EIN}

    • Replace “{EIN}” with the EIN of the nonprofit you wish to support, leaving out the hyphen (-)
  5. Here’s an example with a live partner!
  7. Here’s an example if your URL already has an existing query parameter (?)