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Product Manager: Product Level Cause Donations (PLCD), Excluding Products, and Product Level Donations (PLD)


With the ShoppingGives Product Manager, you'll be able to tailor your giving experience to the product level. This means you'll be able to control how much in donations each product purchase will generate, which causes each product purchase will support, and which products are eligible for donations so that you can decide where you want to give back and where you don't.  

How It Works

1) Open the Impact Portal and navigate to the Global Settings page:

  • From the Giving Experience section, select Donate to causes you set as seen below:

  • Save your changes!

3) Next, navigate to the Product Manager from the left side menu:

4) From the Product Manager page...

  • Click the Activate Product Level Donations button if you haven't synced your products with us before

  • Select the product that you would like to set specific causes on

On the Product Editor Page you'll be able to do 3 main things:

  • Manage Product Eligibility

    • By default, all products are included after you've synced your products. You can exclude a product from being eligible for giving by clicking on "Exclude this product" and saving changes.
    • If you want to exclude an entire collection of products, go back to the Product Manager and use our filters and bulk select options to select the products you wish to exclude
    • Please note that if you are giving back a Fixed Amount per Purchase, product exclusions will be ignored as the donation is based on the presence of a purchase, not of a specific product.

  • Configure Product Donations

    • By default, all products will be set to give back the same amount you have set in your Store Donation on Purchase campaign. If you wish to override that setting, simply update the value here and save the changes.
  • Set a Product-Level Cause

    • To enable Product-Level Cause Donations, you must be on our Impact Partner or higher plans. Partners on our Impact Starter or Plus plans are able to purchase this feature from our a la carte options. You can visit our pricing page to learn more about our partnership options.

    • This is the ability to set specific causes on individual products. With PLCD, your store can create custom campaigns by supporting specific charitable initiatives on an individual product level.

      • Using PLCD is a great way to create custom-giving campaigns, even in the case of collaborations that you may have with other brands or influencers. If for example you have a pair of shoes that are made of recycled materials and you want the purchase of those shoes to donate to an ocean clean-up cause, using PLCD is an easy way to create that campaign.

        • If you chose Cause Portfolio, you can pick one portfolio from the list

        • If you choose Nonprofits, you can pick up to four individual nonprofits


  • Reset Product Settings

    • At the top of your product editor page, you will see a "Reset Product Settings" button. If you click this button, the product's giving settings will be reverted to their' original state of following your program's global settings
      • This means that the product will no longer give back the specific amount or give back to the specific cause you had set on it, instead, it will give back following the causes set in your Global Settings and the donation amount set in your Store Donation on Purchase campaign

5) Save your changes!