Pricing and Plans Overview

This article will help you understand our different partnership plans and a pricing overview of each plan.

Please note that this is a brief overview of our partnership tiers and does not encompass all features and benefits associated with each plan. For a comprehensive overview of the differences between each of our partnership tiers, please reference our full Pricing Page here.

Partnership Plans

Impact Starter 

For Entrepreneurs looking to create impact with their eCommerce store. Whether it’s your side hustle or you’re just getting started, showcase your purpose, and tell an amazing story to connect with customers. 


  • $29/monthly
    • At our $29/monthly base-tier, you will be limited to selecting nonprofits to support from our Verified Nonprofits list
    • You can optionally add the Nonprofit Choice a la carte feature to your Impact Starter plan for an additional $49/monthly — this will allow you to choose which causes to support from our full database of nearly two million 501(c)(3) organizations as well as unlock customer cause search
  • 0.5% (half of one percent) transaction fee on orders with store-funded donations
    • Transaction fee based on the order subtotal (pre-tax, pre-shipping, post-discount)
  • 5% transaction fee on add-on donations
  • Invoiced for donations every 30 days or when a retailer has generated over $50 in donations in a given day (in this case, an invoice would be generated at the end of that calendar day)

Impact Plus 

For eCommerce brands with established marketing and social media engagement. You have access to more tools to build relationships with customers and launch support to maximize your program’s effectiveness.


  • $3,250/yr (5% discount) or $285/mo + Pledged donations
  • Includes 80,000 transactions annually
  • Invoiced for donations on a quarterly basis

Impact Partner

For scaling or established brands. Create fully integrated and personalized experiences with customers, driving growth in your business, and donations to the causes your customers support.


  • $10,152/yr (10% discount) or $940/mo + Pledged donations
  • Includes 300,000 transactions annually

Impact Pro 

A fully customized experience, integrating with our APIs into your current systems and operations, providing freedom and flexibility to realize your social impact dreams. For inquiries about the Impact Pro plan, please contact one of our Impact Agents at

A La Carte Packages

Yotpo Loyalty Integration ($125/mo)

Reward customers with points or allow point redemption for donations

Capsule Collection ($150/mo) *billed annually

Manage the product-level causes on up to 10,000 product variants/SKUs

Available Upon Request

  • Reporting API 
    • Integrate reporting data into your dashboard
  • Customer Details API
    • Utilize customer-level donation data
  • Cause API
    • Search data from our nonprofit database
  • Donation Management API
    • Includes 1.5M transactions

To learn more about the features and benefits for each partnership plan, you can visit our Pricing page.

If you would like to connect with one of our Impact Agents about our partnership plans, you can email us at