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One-time Donations


Extend your giving experience to allow for one-time donations for your store. Use one-time donations to match your customer's donations at the end of each month. Or generate your own social responsibility initiatives.


Get started by contacting our team to create a new one-time donation.


Reasons to give a one-time donation, 

  • Top-off a transactional campaign,
    • Did you run a campaign that generated $700 and want to give $1,000, instead? Make a one-time donation!
  • Support a trending cause,
    • Do you typically give back to the Environmental Fund and want to also give a lump sum to the Ukraine Relief Fund? Make a one-time donation!
  • Join the ShoppingGives Community in a goal, 
    • Raise money alongside other merchants in the ShoppingGives community and help power over $20K in donations!

We’re excited to help you expand your giving strategy as your business grows and support you along the way.