Integrate Storefront Widgets on Shopify Checkout

Available to Shopify Plus stores only

To place a widget script on the theme’s checkout page you are required to be a Shopify Plus store. You may also be required to request access to the checkout page theme files from Shopify Support. This can be done by accessing support in your store settings.

  1. Ask Shopify Support for access to the checkout.liquid

  2. Access your checkout.liquid:

  3. Place the widget script directly where you want it - the widget will appear where the tag is placed!
    • The widget script for any particular widget can be located by selecting the appropriate campaign under Campaigns from the left side menu > selecting the Widget Settings tab > scrolling down to the Widget Scripts section


Optional: Expanding Mobile Checkout Page View to Show Billing Page Details

To create an optimal experience for mobile users and ensure the users see the option to round up their purchase on the billing page, you can set the details to expand by default. To do so:

  1. Navigate to “Online Store > Preferences:

  2. Place the below widget script within the Additional Google Analytics JavaScript box: 

    if(typeof Checkout === 'object'){

      if(typeof Checkout.$ === 'function'){

        Checkout.$('button.order-summary-toggle.order-summary-toggle--show').trigger("click"); }