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If I Have a Product-Level Cause Set, Does My Featured Cause Still Receive a Donation?


When you are using product-level cause donations, you are able to set either one cause portfolio or up to four individual nonprofits on each product. 

Once you set product-level causes, these cause selections will override your global featured causes. If you would like to revert back to your global featured causes on a specific product, you can either delete these causes or click the Reset Causes button when editing that specific product.



Let’s say you have Feeding America set as one of your global featured causes and you also set a product-level cause of One Tree Planted on a specific t-shirt. If your customer places an order with only that specific t-shirt, their order would generate a donation for One Tree Planted.

If they placed an order with that t-shirt and another product that does not have a product-level cause set, both One Tree Planted and Feeding America would generate a donation.