How does my nonprofit organization receive funds from your app?

We take pride in ensuring that 100% of the donation amount that is generated is sent to the nonprofit and that nothing is taken away from that donation amount. To ensure that the process is as seamless and secure as possible, we grant funds through Stripe and PayPal Giving Fund. These partnerships ensure that your organization receives 100% of pledged donations, with no transaction fees applied. 

Stripe Grants

Receiving grants directly to your bank is simple and secure through Stripe. You can request to collect funds using ACH grants powered by Stripe by filling out the form on this page. Once approved, you can expect to receive donations straight into your account within 10 business days, if funds are available. Following, monthly grants will be disbursed within the first 10 days of the month. If you do not already have a Stripe account set up, you can learn more about Stripe and create an account here. Setting up an account for the first time will require an authorized individual for verification.

PayPal Giving Fund Grants

Receiving funds from PayPal Giving Fund makes it easy to track donors and consolidate reporting. Nonprofits enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund will receive grants on a monthly basis, when funds are available. If your organization has funds available, you will see a grant from the retailer through ShoppingGives in your PayPal Giving Fund account. Once you’ve enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund, no further action is necessary. When a ShoppingGives brand partner pledges over $50 to your organization, that donation will be included in ShoppingGives’ monthly grants. If the $50 minimum is not met, the donation amount will be granted after 18 months.  If you are not already enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund, you can learn more about PayPal Giving Fund and enroll here.

If you have any questions about receiving funds, you can contact us at