How can my nonprofit locate ShoppingGives Grants in PayPal Giving Fund or Stripe?

Below is a complete guide that outlines how your nonprofit can access funds from ShoppingGives via PayPal Giving Fund and Stripe.

PayPal Giving Fund

Below are step-by-step directions and an FAQ that will explain how to view a receipt, donor report, and more information about each grant from PayPal Giving Fund when ShoppingGives grants pledged donations: 
    • If your organization is receiving grants from PayPal Giving Fund, you have the ability to view individual stores that have contributed to the overall donation amount. It’s important to note that when a ShoppingGives brand partner pledges over $50 to your organization, that donation will be included in ShoppingGives’ monthly grants. If the $50 minimum is not met, the donation amount will be granted after 18 months.
    • Within your dashboard, the activity tab will allow you to view pledged donations by individual partners and download a report of the data. 
    • Within the activities page in your PayPal Giving Fund dashboard, you should be able to select ShoppingGives from the Programme dropdown. 
    • Clicking on each individual line item should give you the Donation date, Transaction ID, Gross Donation Amount, and Campaign Title.
    • The activity page should give you the option to download this information as a CSV file which will include more detailed information than the Dashboard landing page offers. 
    • For more information on how to access this within your dashboard, visit this FAQ

PayPal Giving Fund Visual Process:

PayPal Giving Fund Homepage Dashboard:

When there are pending donations, you will be able to see them in your dashboard, as shown below. Note that this is an example which is why the Donor Name/Email says anonymous, there should be a specific brand name in that column within your dashboard.

On the dashboard home page, click on the “Activity” tab at the top and it will take you to this page:

Once you’re in the activity tab, you can apply the filters you’d like, such as selecting ShoppingGives from the “Programmes” drop down, as shown below. You can also apply other filters, such as specific dates you want to look at. After applying your preferred filters, click the blue "filter" button, circled in red below.

After you click on “filter” the information will automatically populate with the filters you applied. Then, click the white "Download CSV" button that is circled in red below:

A CSV file will download with all populated information in these tabs and should pop up on your screen, as a similar view as shown below, giving you clear insight into each donation.



Click here to create a new Stripe account if your organization does not have an existing one.

Comprehensive reporting is currently not available with ShoppingGives Stripe Grants, so if you're receiving grants via Stripe look for this information in the following graphic. Below is an example receipt of what your nonprofit will see via Stripe when ShoppingGives grants pledged donations: