Grants to Nonprofits

This article will help explain our grant process and detail how nonprofit organizations receive the pledged donations created by our partners.


We take pride in ensuring that 100% of the donation amount that is generated is sent to the designated nonprofit - nothing is ever taken away from that donation amount. To ensure that the process is as seamless and secure as possible, we grant funds through Stripe and PayPal Giving Fund. These partnerships ensure that nonprofits receive 100% of pledged donations, with no transaction fees applied.

How it Works

Nonprofits enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund will receive grants on a monthly basis. If a nonprofit organization has funds available, they will see a grant from the individual retailer through the ShoppingGives Foundation in their PayPal Giving Fund dashboard. You can learn more about PayPal Giving Fund and enroll here.

Nonprofits can request to collect funds using ACH grants powered by Stripe. Once approved, donations are sent straight to the specified bank account in the next grant. After the first grant, nonprofits can expect to receive monthly grants via Stripe, if pledged funds are available. Nonprofits can learn more about Stripe and create an account here.

To learn more about how ShoppingGives works with nonprofits and to request access to additional resources, visit