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Experience: Donation Confirmation and Additional Script


The Experience section of your Impact Portal gives you control over how you want to inform your shopper of the donation that was made (required for compliance), access to our Additional Scripts to ensure all donations are captured accurately, and access to our Custom CSS editor.

Donation Confirmation

With our ShoppingGives app, you as the merchant can choose how you would like to confirm the creation of donations with your customers after they’ve placed an order.

You can choose to set up either a donation confirmation email, window/embed, or both. The reason that your customers must receive a confirmation of a donation is to remain compliant with cause marketing regulations by ensuring that as the merchant, you are being transparent with your customers on how much was donated and which cause(s) that donation is going to support. 


For more information on your Donation Confirmation options,  please visit the links below:

Additional Scripts

To ensure that donations from your store are captured properly, we recommend that you place the script from this section into your store’s Checkout Settings.

  1. Copy the script from your Impact Portal
  2. Click the Additional Scripts linked text in your Impact Portal to be taken directly to the page in your Shopify admin where this script should be placed.
    • You can also navigate here directly by going into your Shopify admin > Settings > Checkout > Scroll down to the Order Status Page section and paste the script in the text field
  3. Save changes