Exclude Customer Donations from Discounts


Ensuring that discount codes do not impact your customer donations is important so that the full amount the customer donated ends up going to the cause they supported.

To do this, we'll need to create an automated collection in Shopify that includes all of your store's products, except for any ShoppingGives donation products.

Once this collection is created, you will be able to specify that your discounts should only apply to this collection we are creating, effectively excluding the ShoppingGives donation products that are not in this collection. 

How it Works:

  • Head to the Products > Collections section of your Shopify admin:

  • Click Create Collection on the top-right of the page:

  • Name the collection as desired (e.g. All Products Except ShoppingGives Donations), then set your "Collection Type" as Automated:

  • Set the conditions as defined below:

    • "sgdonation" should populate on its' own as an option for Product type

  • Click Save!

    Great job! We've now created an automated collection that excludes your donation products - any new products you add to your store will automatically go into this collection.

    Now let's make sure our discount codes only apply to this collection.

  • Go to the Discounts section of your Shopify admin:

  • Create a new discount code or click on an existing discount code

  • Select Specific Collections from within the Value section of the page, and then click Browse:

  • Select the collection we just created (e.g.All Products Except ShoppingGives Donations) and click Add

  • Click Save, then you're all done! Make sure to repeat this process on any other active discount codes.