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Donation Snapshot Dashboard


As a partner of ShoppingGives, you have access to exclusive data and insights into your donations so you can measure and track how your impact strategy is performing as a whole, as well as in comparison to orders without donations. Within the dashboard, you will be able to see valuable insights into your giving program.

Viewing and Filtering the Dashboard

By default, when you open the Impact Portal, the dashboard will show you data from the last 30 days in your primary currency. However, you can update the filter to view by today, last month, all time, custom timeframe, etc.

In addition to filtering by time frame, you can also filter the dashboard data by Campaign, Source, and Locations (If you have enabled giving at POS locations). 

By default, we show all donations data. If you’d like to further slice your data, you can click on any filter to begin. Applying a filter will adjust all the metrics on the dashboard to correspond with the new parameters.

  • Source will allow you to filter donations by their source channel; “Online Store” and/or “Point of Sale”. 
    • For example: If you apply the Source > “Point of Sale” filter to your Dashboard, the Donation Activation Rate will now be based on transactions made at Point of Sale, and exclude online store transactions.
  • Campaigns will allow you to filter by the “Store Donation on Purchase”, “Round-Ups”, and “Add-Ons” campaigns
  • Locations will allow you to filter your Point of Sale donations even further by location. You will see your location names listed here

If a filter is disabled or not present, this is because you either do not have this campaign or channel enabled in your account.

Dashboard Insights

Here we provide details on each section of the dashboard.

Total Donations

This metric will tell you how much in donations your store has generated so far. This value excludes any refunded purchases that also contained donations. By default, you will see this data from the last 30 days, but as mentioned above, you can filter by the specific time frame you would like to view. This section gives you a view of your donations generated by dollar amount as well as how many purchases those donations are based on.

Revenue Generated

This metric will tell you how much revenue your store has generated on orders with donations. Please note that this is not your total revenue, as this section only pulls in data based on orders that were placed that had donations associated with them.  From here you can view the amount of revenue by dollar amount as well as how many purchases that revenue is based on.
New Donors

This metric displays the number of customers that placed their first order with a donation out of the total unique donating customers that made a purchase during the given time period. 
Nonprofits Supported

This metric shows the unique number of nonprofits supported by your customers during the given time period. This metric is particularly insightful when you've set your giving program to Let your customers choose because it gives you a quick look into the variety of nonprofits being supported by your shoppers.

Donations Chart

This chart will give you a visual overview of your donation performance. As before, once you choose to filter by a different time frame, this chart will be updated to reflect donations during that specific time period. Additionally, if you hover over any point on the chart, you will be able to see the exact donation amount that was generated on a specific date.

Donation AOV

This metric will tell you what your average order value (AOV) is on orders with donations as well as a comparison of how much higher or lower that AOV is compared to your AOV on orders without donations. This is a great way to view on average how much your customers are spending when they create a donation with their purchase versus without.

Donation Activation Rate

The Donation Activation Rate is defined as the percentage of orders with donations out of total eligible orders made during the given time period. We define an “eligible order” as any orders that were made while your giving program was active, as this means your customer had the opportunity to opt-in to a donation or not.

If you are utilizing a default cause or the Donate to Causes You Set and Manage by Product giving experience, you will most likely have a donation activation rate of 100%, or close to it, because every purchase from your store is automatically creating a donation. If you are not defaulting donations on all purchases, this is a great indicator of how often your customers are choosing to select a cause to make a donation with their purchase. 

Please note that if the number of Orders With Donations at the top-right of your dashboard and the numbers of purchases with donations outlined in your Donation Activation Rate do not match, don't be alarmed! The reason for this discrepancy is that the Orders With Donations value excludes purchases that have been refunded, while the Donation Activation Rate includes refunded purchases, as those orders were activated by a donation. 

Loyalty Points Donation

To view data for this metric, you will need to have Yotpo Loyalty integrated with ShoppingGives. If you are interested in learning more about integrating this feature, you can read more here. If you do not have Yotpo Loyalty integrated with ShoppingGives, you will see the option to upgrade your plan to utilize this feature. 

If you do have Yotpo Loyalty integrated with ShoppingGives, you will be able to see the total donations that have been generated from points that your customers have earned and redeemed for a donation redemption. You will also be able to see the number of points that have been redeemed for donations, the number of redemptions that have taken place, and the number of unique customers that have participated in redeeming their loyalty points for donations. 


Top Nonprofits

These metrics will show you your most supported nonprofits and their corresponding raised donation amounts, AOV, and the number of orders that supported the nonprofit.

If you enable your customers to search and select a cause of their choice, this is a great way to see which causes your customers care about most.

Top Nonprofit Categories

These metrics will show you your most supported nonprofit categories and their corresponding raised donation amounts, AOV, and the number of orders that supported the nonprofit category. 

If you enable your customers to search and select a cause of their choice, this is a great way to see which cause categories your customers care about most and leverage that data in your marketing strategy for future giving campaigns!


If you have any questions about the ShoppingGives Donations Snapshot dashboard, how it works, and what’s included, you can reach out to our team at support@shoppinggives.com and we’d be happy to help!